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The DCOH exists to help you strategically plan, begin or expand your business within the Haskell city limits. Whether it’s connecting you to the right funding resources, helping you with your business plan or providing you with information about the Haskell community and its history, we are here to help.

Please see our guidelines for assistance to see if you meet the qualifications for assistance through the DCOH. For further information, please contact our office at (940) 864-3424 or in person at Haskell City Hall.

Guidelines for Assistance

Haskell Regional Economic  Snapshot  – Regional Snapshot

 Additional resources for your reference:

Distressed New Market Tax Credits

New Markets Tax Credits are a flexible financing tool. Nearly everything that spurs economic development can be financed: for-profit businesses, medical clinics, real estate development, non-profit service centers, and more. New Markets Tax Credits are often times used to fill the “gap” left when traditional financing falls short. Haskell falls into an area that qualifies for the Distressed New Market Tax Credit. To read more about this federal program, click here.

Job Postings

To get your jobs posted on high-traffic websites, please contact the organizations below and the DCOH office. The DCOH will get it placed on their social media pages and email list.

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